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Yahoo News. The new play -- "Common People" -- is the brainchild of Gianina Carbunariu, one of the brightest stars in Romanian theatre today. Most whistleblowers, Carbunariu points out, are not global figures like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. Instead, they are people like you and me, who at some point in ... Read More


By Charlie Goetsch – A United States court has awarded over $1 Million in damages to former Horizon Lines master John Loftus. Captain Loftus filed suit after he was abruptly removed as Master in 2013 due to his reporting of safety violations. Full article here.


ALERT: Please tell Bosnian Prime Minister Denis Zvizdić to drop all charges against Tuzla Kvarc and allow the company to put its 50 employees back to work. Please e-mail Zvizdić at ____________________________________________________________________________ Whistleblowers in Bosnia who have been hunger striking to protest retaliation inflicted upon them by the government and unknown perpetrators ... Read More


Whistleblowing in the United States has seen a record year, with the Securities & Exchange Commission rewarding eight whistleblowers a total of US$37 million. Who hasn’t heard about Dieselgate — exposing Volkswagen’s faked emission tests and severely tarnishing the German automaker’s green image and slowing worldwide sales? Full article ... Read More


In a previous article, I addressed the potential risk from white-collar crime that might be committed in your organisation by top- or middle-level management. In this column, I will explain one preventive mechanism that could reduce the chance of facing unexpectedly damaging circumstances. Full article from the deputy manager for legal ... Read More



VW whistleblowing

As Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal spreads to its petrol engines, Christopher Tutton outlines how companies should be examining their own anti-corruption, bribery and whistleblowing policies to ensure they are compliant, and they are protecting their own liability. Full article here.


Companiile listate la bursa din SUA trebuie sa respecte SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Indiferent de tara unde isi desfasoara activitatea. Daca stiti de un risc major pentru investitori, sansele sunt sa fiti luati foarte in serios. SOX apara, si chiar recompenseaza, pe cei ce aduc la cunostinta guvernului american nereguli ... Read More