Cum s-a incercat masluirea controlului la DNA. Sefa echipei de inspectie face acuzatii foarte grave Conducerea Inspectiei Judiciare a intervenit in efectuarea controlului managerial la DNA "prin dispozitii date in afara cadrului legal, coroborat cu prelungirea nejustificata a perioadei de control, de natura a perturba activitatea DNA", acuza insasi coordonatoarea echipei ... Read More


Nearly four years since Edward Snowden fled US authorities after revealing a secret global system of mass surveillance, no specific international framework has been set up to grant asylum for whistleblowers who expose large-scale corruption and abuse of authority. Seeking to close this gap, which leaves whistleblowers worldwide in legal peril, ... Read More


Cunoaşteţi cu siguranţă premiile României Curate. Unul dintre ele este pentru curaj. Un astfel de premiu ar merita să ajungă şi la cei 4 poliţişti care au realizat auditul financiar la DIPI, serviciul secret al MAI, pe vremea când ministerul era condus de generalul Gabi Oprea. Poliţiştii au descoperit ... Read More


Xnet, an activist project which has been working on and for networked democracy and digital rights since 2008, launches in the Barcelona City Hall the first public Anti-Corruption Complaint Box using anonymity protection technology like Tor and GlobaLeaks. With this pioneering project, the Barcelona City Hall is the first municipal government ... Read More


The Romanian government is expected to adopt an emergency ordinance on Wednesday to change criminal law in a serious way, governmental sources have told The exact scope of the changes is not clearly known, but they are expected to target key legal means used in the fight against high ... Read More


In a country where the national motto is "satyameva jayate" – truth alone shall triumph – the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has identified more than 300 citizens who were killed, attacked or harassed since 2005 for seeking information under India's Right to Information Act (RTI). These include 51 murders, 5 ... Read More


Directia Nationala Anticoruptie (DNA) performeaza. Declarand razboi coruptiei, procurorul sef este hotarat sa opreasca definitiv infractiunile economice si politice. Cu toate acestea, unele din instrumentele folosite de DNA sunt prea putin potrivite scopului urmarit. Cadrul legal folosit in prezent in chestiuni de raspundere penala a persoanei juridice consta in norme juridice ... Read More


From leaking documents to exposing poor security practices, WikiLeaks has often walked a thin line in the eyes of international law. Full article here.


A great article by Kelly Richmond Pope, Forbes contributor. Class is Monday night, and again, I find myself faced with a difficult lecture to develop. I consistently teach my graduate students about the importance of whistle-blowing. Specifically, how 40% of frauds are discovered by an internal tip. I stress the importance ... Read More


Radio România: Ziariști cercetați disciplinar pentru că au vorbit în public despre o campanie. ActiveWatch: sunt presiuni împotriva jurnaliștilor critici. Articol Pagina de media.